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Working out is important to me. I spend a lot of time at the gym, so I need a place that is not only clean and safe, but also interesting and fun. I also happen to have some clients who are either in the business, or who have similar models. So I\’ve been involved in some very fun promotions planning.

Here are some ideas if you\’re have a company whose clientele are regular visitors, and you have a club-like atmosphere. Of course, I\’m not going to give out details about what my gym clients have done or are planning. I offer these promotions as suggestions, because based on what I\’ve seen in text marketing, this type of interaction would be perfect for similar industries.

Idea #1: Invite members who frequent other gym locations (or golf clubs, school teams, and the like) to check out a new location, by offering a free training session or discounted “all gyms” membership. Print up your offer or advertise outside your location, telling consumers to text-in to get a coupon for the free session. You\’ll be amazed at how many people are reluctant to walk in but if given a coupon, they\’ll take the plunge.

Idea #2: Celebrate a new club opening by doing an SMS-based treasure hunt: Consumers must text-in a keyword, such as FINDIT, to get a clue. The clue is the next location and comes in a text response message. When players get to the secret location, they find a keyword to text-in for the next clue. Players receive progressive clues as reach treasure hunt destinations. Sound like fun to you? By the way, this is easy to set up with a mobileStorm account.

Idea #3: Incentivize member sign-ups to a mobile club by offering discounts, including \”bring a friend free\”Âť coupons. Mobile members might receive discount coupons for energy drinks, personal training, even logo-adorned equipment. Everyone wins!

Idea #4: How about using our text RSVP Management service for highly popular class sign-ups and special instructor onsite visits? Your members would LOVE this! I would!

Text messaging is happening right now. Are you taking advantage? Still paying for all those newspaper ads? The only limit to text marketing is creativity–and 160 characters!

-Jacqueline Erickson, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, mobileStorm Inc. Email me at or call me at 1-323-785-6305.