Moms are busy people. That’s why smartphones have been helpful to mothers who now “keep track of their loved ones’ schedules, photos, memories, health info, and more on their handheld devices.”

But they don’t have time to waste. That’s useful research from BabyCenter, which in addition to acknowledging the opportunities of mobile marketing to Moms, suggests that healthcare marketers take heed that their outreach and content must be both practical and convenient.

“As of July, around three in 10 U.S. mother smartphone users said they tracked their own fitness, their weight and their child’s development on their smartphones, and 23 percent kept track of their kid’s nutrition that way,” according to a recent report from eMarketer. “But all those activities would appeal to at least 40 percent of respondents if mothers felt they were easier to do.”

The onus will be on app developers—including brands in the healthcare, pharma, and wellness spaces—to create fast, easy ways for mothers to do more and do it faster on their mobile phones.

The latest BabyCenter research shows that mothers are in many ways an untapped market for more sophisticated marketing. Already, about 66 percent research over-the-counter medications online via smartphone and more than 50 percent read product reviews and recommendations. In addition, 49 percent have sought information about over-the-counter products.

Bottom line: Moms are the next frontier in healthcare marketing via mobile. But don’t mess with Mom — she doesn’t have any time to waste.