Bankruptcy, falling revenues, decreasing patron counts: These offer just a glimpse of the tough realities casinos are facing.

The casino marketer today must deal with a unique problem set. To triumph in these times, it becomes necessary to open up new channels. Many marketers who are after high ROI and quick ramp-up times are turning to mobile as the solution. To those properties who haven\’t added a mobile component to their plans: Be warned. The time is now.

Fitch Ratings, a credit research firm, has seen casino revenue drop 2.5 percent, with no recovery in sight for the next few years. To counter this, casinos that implement mobile programs are seeing returns on their investment up to nearly 30 percent. Because of this success, mobile seems like a perfect fit for casino programs.

mobileStorm is an expert in the distinctive problems that face casinos – and has developed a whitepaper that specifically discusses applying SMS/text programs to the casino industry. \”How the Casino Next Door is Getting Ready to Kick Your A**: Why it\’s Time to Get Real about Mobile in Casino Marketing\” is available for download now! It covers topics like:
\Ӣ Types of programs casinos are running now
\”¢ Ideas on applications of SMS for one\’s property.
\Ӣ Why mobile is so relevant for this industry.

As a low-cost medium, SMS/text programs provide a viable alternative to traditional channels such as direct mail, and also provide increased response.

Whether you are ready to implement a mobile program, or just want more information, download mobileStorm\’s newest whitepaper here: How the Casino Next Door is Getting Ready to Kick Your A**: Why It\’s Time to Get Real About Mobile in Casino Marketing.

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Shaneli Ramratan, Director Of Marketing, mobileStorm