Increasingly, big data is of big importance to mobile marketers.

The findings of a recent survey among senior marketers in the United States provide compelling evidence that companies are seeing steady and impressive ROI when it comes to big data and the investments they’ve made in big data.

According to a report summary from eMarketer, 85% of those surveyed revealed that big data “had yielded more than half of marketing initiatives when it came to increasing insights into consumer behavior.”

Increasing sales, sign-ups and registrations, ROI, customer satisfaction and sales leads also saw similar numbers when seeing benefits from using Big Data.

“Advertising agencies and marketers were largely aligned in determining the major benefits of Big Data initiatives,” the report reads.

Among surveyed agencies, 64% indicated that big data empowered them to develop insight into customer experiences to help drive useful strategy. 63% of marketers concurred with that assessment.

As of the published data’s procurement in late summer, 65% percent of companies admit to using the web to collect customer data, making it “the most popular source for information.”