I’ve attended enough Apple events in my life to know that today’s shindig–truely an accurate term for Cupertino’s PR happenings, considering the heady blind love and live rock/pop music that fills the air–will make headlines even if not warranted. Leather iPod pouches, anyone?

Still, I’m betting had bet that whatever they come came out with will effect mobile marketing–heck, let’s say digital marketing overall. That’s because new versions of the iPod–highly expected as the topic of today’s affair–will undoubtedly be more iTouch than not. You’ll recall the iPod touch came out exactly a year ago, and was kind of like a true pocket computer in that it accessed the Internet via Wi-Fi networks.

If (1) the next-gen “iTouch” offers enough value for the money  to  become widely adopted, and (2) can take advantage of  cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi (thus assuring the gadget can actually connect to the Web “anytime, anywhere”),  it could seriously affect the mobile marketing message space.

We’re talking the re-consideration of everything from mobile email messages (they should differ from regular emails) to online ads. Even one’s Web site might have to be modified to accomodate the proliferation of small screens in consumers’ hands.

Uh-oh, seems I got caught up in the moment, just like most other writers covering Apple…

Stay tuned for an update (including pix) as soon as the news comes out!

UPDATE Well, along with software announcements for iTunes and the iPhone, and the Nano, Steve squeezed in a new iTouch. Skinnier, with a speaker and cool gaming features. Alas, no broadband-over-cellular connection, ‘cept for the ability to acess the iPhone App Store. The mobile marketing revolution is not coming today.

Eydie Cubarrubia, Marketing Communications Manager, mobileStorm

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