40 Reasons Why Email Marketing is More Effective Than Facebook, Twitter

40 Reasons Why Email Marketing is More Effective Than Facebook, TwitterSocial media may be hot, but for digital marketers, email remains the gold standard. And that’s not poised to change any time soon.

According to the findings of a new survey highlighted this week by Digital Trends, email (especially email optimized for the mobile screen where a majority of people now read their email) is substantially more effective and influential than social media’s most gargantuan players.

“Despite Gmail separating promotional materials into their own separate tab, email still kicks all others forms of contact’s butt when it comes to attracting new customers.”

So exactly how much more effective is email marketing than social media marketing? The numbers suggest that email works almost 40 times better than Facebook and Twitter… combined.

“People who click on emails are three times more likely to buy something than people who click through from social media, and when they do decide to make a purchase, the email group tends to spend more money,” the new report reads.


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