Mobile marketers have something to be thankful for, even if they’re not celebrating the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday this week: The great growth of mobile coupons, as predicted by Juniper Research.

The firm reports that by the year 2013, some 200 million subscribers worldwide will use coupons that are delivered and redeemed via mobile phones. North America and Western Europe will account for almost 20 percent of those voucher redeemers. Doing the math… that’s 40 million mobile consumers in those two regions who will be using mobile coupons!

And don’t worry about ads on the mobile Web, which is just now starting to become common with the proliferation of smart phones aimed at consumers, or other burgening technologies. SMS is not only now–it’s also the most common way for delivering mobile coupons to the consumer, according to Juniper.

“The mobile phone is the ultimate individual marketing device and mobile coupon pilots show greatly increased redemption rates–often double digit percentages,” says Howard Wilcox. author of the Juniper report.

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