Meet mobileStorm at AdTech 2008There’s a yellow brick road leading to the city by the bay this year.

Droves of us will make the yearly pilgrimage to the Oz of the online world, AdTech 2008.

Overnight, Moscone Center’s barren floors will magically transform into a pow-wow of who’s who in the online and digital space.

ad:tech is a global-forum where in-person discourse for digital marketing best practices and emerging trends and technologies can take place between industry leaders and executives. Anyone involved in marketing or advertising will be in for a special treat at this event. There will be a ton of knowledge regarding how to apply marketing concepts directly to your business, but also there is the opportunity to build new relationships with other companies that can help to achieve your digital marketing goals.

There is a broad range of attendees – but all are involved in some of kind of online marketing. Exhibitors range from Fox Digital to online networks like DoubleClick- recently acquired by Google. Keynote presentations from companies including Eastman Kodak, Alloy Media, and Diggnation will cover a diverse array of topics such as multi-platform distribution, consumer control, performance marketing, media fragmentation and more.

As you make your way down the magical pathway of marketing messages, here are a few ideas to keep you focused and productive on your journey through AdTech 2008 San Francisco.

Keep your eyes out for\”¦

Multi-modality– As we move into a new stage in the evolution of digital marketing, it becomes less about specificity of the media and more about integration across channels. Active discourse about our social affliction for modality in advertising and marketing efforts can be seen in the rise of non-traditional messaging types. More and more, generational audiences are crossing the barriers and removing the restrictions of the popular modes of communication of their times- and joining the evolution of digital. The baby- boomer generation who is now entering senior status at 65, doesn\’t have a problem clicking through on an email or sending an SMS response. Keep in mind how this trend can dot the ‘I\’ in ROI for your business.

Meaningful engagement– Direct response of yesterday asks the user to pre qualify themselves, but today the responsibility falls on the marketer to engineer relevant content that engages the user and helps make a meaningful connection. While the metrics involved in measuring meaningful engagement may be elusive, new definitions of success can fall into such categories as video interaction, active RSS subscriptions, and SMS response rate. The value of creating relationships with contacts that last beyond the last click will be an important question for marketers to address in their respective organizations.

Mobility– Mobile\”¦like it or not here I come. Consumers today want relevant messaging to come to them. The real world is now virtual, and where the Sunday paper used to be the standard, consumers want their offers to feel intimate and exclusive. While email marketing stays the natural choice to maximize spend, mobile marketing is the next step. The widespread use of cell phones begs all businesses to challenge their existing strategy and make space for mobile efforts.

As a provider of digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, we will introduce attendees to highly scalable web based software that will allow you to apply some of the learning you acquire in regards to emerging platforms, and performance marketing. We hope these concepts help you make an impact at ad:tech and encourage you to come say hi and tell us about your thoughts on the digital space in 2008. Visit mobileStorm at booth #5981!

Shaneli Ramratan
Marketing Manager
mobileStorm, Inc.