Digital Marketing Blog: One Year & 100 Posts LaterWhat took us so long?

While mobileStorm has seen nothing but success and growth in each of its eight years of existence, it was only one year ago that we started this digital marketing blog. In that short time, we\’ve realized, it\’s almost a shame that we didn\’t blog sooner. One hundred posts later, we\’re stoked for several reasons:

  • Our expertise – ranging from how-to advice to insightful analysis of how the latest tech news can affect marketing campaigns – helped out a lot of our readers.
  • Our blog itself illustrates effective digital marketing – almost all of our posts rank No. 1 on the first page of Google and Yahoo! for their own research, for example.
  • Corporate blogging on this scale is a major commitment. We think that all of our articles are relevant and useful for digital marketers, or we wouldn\’t make the effort. We realized that communicating regularly through this blog is a chance to relay what we\’ve learned while doing our jobs and listening to mobileStorm customers.

    As only part of the team contributing articles throughout the year, I empathize with the thousands of bloggers who provide meaningful business content day after day throughout the year. Thank you! (We also know the temptation to blather on just to get an article out! Hopefully, we\’ll continue to avoid that conundrum!)

    Maybe this blog is “karmic” for us. I might like to believeour success is due to our intelligent and engaging writing, but we\’ve been very fortunate to have had wonderful and gracious outside help. We have to say thanks to Vic Breggrem, who very kindly mentioned us in his blog, Mobile Marketing Watch. And Wikipedia mentions us in several articles including the entry on digital marketing.

    For those of you who are new to this blog, or readers who might have missed out on a couple of posts, here\’s a summary of this year\’s Top 10 most popular entries:

    (10) Free To End-User (FTEU): In which we explain a billing option that makes marketers responsible for text-messaging costs, in order to avoid consumer anger at SMS charges.

    (9) Top 7 Trends In Digital Marketing 2007: In which we discuss everything from the growth of mobile technology and adoption to increasingly strict email regulations.

    (8) SMS Aggregators – Playing Catch-Up: In which we explain why aggregators are important to marketers sending out SMS messages – and warn of some of the pitfalls.

    (7) iTouch Me Not: In which we seek to deflate some of the hype around Apple\’s iPhone and point out certain caveats regarding the nifty handset (offering an intelligent counterpoint to our No. 1 post).

    (6) The MGM Grand Story: In which we outline how the big-time casino used a shortcode-based SMS campaign to build its database and drive revenue – and how you can, too.

    (5) Get Ready For Location-Based Services: In which we emphasize the importance of preparing for future technology now, by putting SMS campaign platforms in place. (By the way, our excitement about this topic was legitimized by last month\’s release of Google Maps for Mobile, a local search and mapping application that employs cell tower identification information as well as GPS data to locate mobile users.)

    (4) SMTP vs. SMPP: In which we explain the two technologies underlying mobile messaging – and point out the reasons why one is superior.

    (3) The Importance Of Using Targets With Digital Marketing: In which we argue that using a detailed database – sorted by consumers\’ personal preferences and demographic information – is far better than \”batch and blast\” messaging.

    (2) What Is Digital Marketing: In which we welcome newbies to the industry.

    (1) iPhone And The Upcoming Cell Phone WiFi Revolution: In which we rationally explain why the iPhone will change the mobile space – and benefit marketers in the process. (Nonewithstanding our No. 7 post.)

    Exactly how popular were these articles? Here are page view stats on the top:

  • The iPhone and the Upcoming Cell Phone WIFI Revolution: 3,370 Page Views
  • What Is Digital Marketing? 1,487 Page Views
  • The Importance of Using Targets In Digital Marketing: 1,137 Page Views
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    Happy Holidays! See you next year!

    Eydie Cubarrubia
    Marketing Communications Manager, mobileStorm
    \”I\’d rather you text me\”