(The following is an excerpt of an article, written by Senior Account & Support Manager Forrest Knighton, that appeared in mobileStorm’s newsletter, Outside The Inbox.)

SMS marketing requires different rules of frequency and message content than other types of digital messages.

Because of \”number portability,\” which allows cell phone users to take their digits with them when they change carriers, a mobile number has a much longer shelf life than an email address. So marketers do not need to send messaging campaigns to phones nearly half as often as they do to email addresses, because they don\’t need to curb turnover in their mobile contacts lists.

Texting frequency works best at only two or three times a month. Marketers really should avoid sending daily text message campaigns, a practice that will cause their lists to dry up faster than government funds after a nationwide bailout.

SMS marketing needs to be handled delicately, with extremely targeted messages, and by dangling \”carrots\” in front of consumers that are delicious enough to prevent them from unsubscribing. When customers see that your marketing SMS messages offer them value, they\’ll decide to keep receiving them – and to keep spending money at your company.

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