What does Google’s new Chrome browser  mean for online advertising and, more specifically, paid search?  I still haven\’t figured out the whole Doubleclick merger\”¦or maybe I just don\’t want to think about it that hard.  With each new newsworthy tidbit from the powerhouse, I think increasingly more about how genius Google\’s long term strategy is.

 I downloaded Google\’s Chrome. Have you?  The keyword here is functionality and a radically different approach to controlling one the most powerful communication channels. This really is about “Change.” While part of me understands the fear that this feels like Big Brother is watching, I would hazard to say that Google gets the big picture.

As marketers we struggle every day to understand user behavior. A basic collegiate-level political science class teaches how the mass acts in a certain way, but no one has stopped to apply this to the online world. Google has recognized this, however,  and is planning ahead.

Online behavior differs from anything that has existed before. Chrome is the next step in building a powerful data mine. Google not only leads online advertising, but also is beginning to define the entire web experience. I think pundits who believe they have this figured out are missing a key point: This is about audiences and intelligence. Google stands to own priceless information and research, and seem to be working towards being the omniscient force of this space. 

As we near the presidential elections, this is one those times I have to draw a parallel between two campaigns–not those of Obama and McCain, but of Google and Microsoft. Watch out Microsoft! Your previous stronghold seems to be under major attack.

Shaneli Ramratran, Marketing Manager, mobileStorm