A few weeks ago, we posted an article in our newsletter, “Outside The Inbox,” to let you know that we were working on two new service offerings and launching a new website. With the same powerful features you’ve been used to, you’ll now benefit from some additional changes we’ve made to our services that will give you even more flexibility and a distinct advantage in your daily marketing efforts. It\’s almost here . . .

mobileStorm Go icon

If you’ve been using mobileStorm 4.0 for quick and easy email and sms marketing, you’re now considered a mobileStorm “Go” user – and we know you\’ll continue to love it. You’ll have all the same powerful tools you’ve been using to grow your business, and now all Go clients have free phone support, previously available only as a premium service.

mobileStorm Pro icon

Want “open rates” so high that only dogs can hear ’em? Or how about knowing how much money you just made from an SMS campaign? Pro is a blend of our best features and a concierge service for digital marketing that helps you become a marketing mogul. You can easily upgrade at any time to get flexible custom pricing, more ways to communicate than ever before, and personalized expertise and support. Get ready to meet your new “back office.”

Also moving forward, all mobileStorm customer’s now get premium support for free. Get answers fast by talking to our knowledgeable and lovable support staff via email, chat, or when you want, just pick up the phone and call us. If you have been paying for support, it looks like Christmas has come early for you. Come on and call us – you’re our favorite people!

Jared Reitzin