With most consumers receiving dozens of unwanted or unsolicited emails per day, the email marketing landscape has become increasingly saturated. It is no wonder that marketers are having a difficult time cutting through the clutter as they endeavor to reach their audience.

What’s more, a resounding majority of connected consumers are now checking email while on the go and scrupulously culling through subject lines and sender names as they selectively decide which are worth opening.

Creating eye-catching subject lines that endure the discerning consumer’s ever-vigilant filter can be a tricky part of email marketing. But a recent Experian study revealed that nearly two-thirds of marketers insist that a personalized email subject line is essential to successful open rates.

The study found that personalized subject lines achieved higher open rates and are, in fact, 26% more likely to be opened. As technology matures, marketers now have more insight than ever as they seek to monitor consumers’ online behaviors and efficiently and affordably translate those behaviors to better email marketing.

But at the end of the day, personalization must also extend beyond the email’s subject line, as the content itself should be personalized. Humanize the communication as much as possible. People don’t want to hear from a corporation. They want to hear from a person. That’s why a human “from” name as opposed to a cold corporate brand name is so important to email marketing success. Have your newsletter come from someone who can act as the email marketing face of the company.

Once a company or brand can gain a consumer’s trust through personalized email marketing tactics, that consumer will be more likely to open emails from them in the future.