Record Number of Inboxes for Your Email Marketing Campaigns to Target by 2018With more email accounts projected to be open and active by the end of this decade than ever before in human history, there’s never been a better or certainly more advantageous time to consider email marketing as a key if not cornerstone attribute of your overall marketing efforts. Along with the equally-important element of SMS marketing and a touch of social media muscle, some serious sales success awaits the businesses that harness these tools both now and in the future.

According to a new infographic shared on B2C, there’s very little doubt today about which digital marketing tools work best. So take note.

“Your digital marketing plan is like a well-oiled machine, with lots of moving parts that each serve a distinct purpose,” the report explains. “That purpose is to drive traffic, generate leads and ultimately create conversions. So you have to decide what tools will best fit your needs and fit into your overall digital marketing plan.