Online Incentives Can Boost Email Marketing SuccessEmail marketing campaigns are more relevant and in demand than ever for a wide range of brands and businesses. Email remains an excellent way to stay in contact with and notify customers of relevant company news, upcoming discounts, attractive promotions, and other information about the quality products and services they’ve come to know.

With the increase in different methods of online and mobile advertising, some brands, businesses, and professional online marketers are seeing a dip in their email marketing conversions. However, a recent industry study conducted in Q4 of 2013 found that email marketing campaigns that included various digital incentives such as coupon codes garnered more success than email marketing campaigns with text, videos, and images only.

Many brands and businesses shy away from online incentives due to profitability concerns. However, it doesn’t take a marketing genius to recognize that generating a few hundred more sales this month with lower profit margins is preferable to generating fewer sales this month with full profit margins.

More importantly, whatever it takes to attract a repeat customer who will likely pay full price in the future is always an attractive option.

eMarketer estimates that email marketing campaigns that include incentives are 48% more successful than those that offer nothing. They also estimate that this success rate will significantly increase in 2014 as more consumers turn to online shopping and become more comfortable with utilizing and seeking out online incentives.