With Everyone on Smartphones, Mobile Internet Is the Next Skyrocket MarketOnce everyone owns a smartphone (or wearable), what’s the next big marketplace?

According to industry analysts, mobile internet will “be worth more than Apple by 2018.”

“Smartphone sales growth is slowing to less than 10 percent annually to 2018, and mobile networks saw just 5 percent growth in the last decade,” notes TechCrunch. “Mobile Internet is the mobile growth market. Digi-Capital now forecasts almost 3x revenue growth from $300 billion last year to $850 billion by 2018.”

In other words, the market Apple built will generate more revenue within three years than even its own considerable current market cap.

That could be why venture capitalists have been betting on mobile business. They spent more than half of the $41 billion invested in mobile in the last 12 months into m-commerce-related sectors, the report notes.

No doubt about it, m-commerce is on top now, boasting more than $200 billion in sales last year.

“Asian m-commerce also passed America in 2014, and by 2018 Asian users will account for almost half of over $600 billion spent on goods and services using mobile devices,” adds TechCrunch. “Asia’s larger population and growing mobile middle class have outpaced U.S. mobile shoppers, despite America’s higher spend per person.”

What are the top 10 e-commerce advertising countries going forward? Data shows they’ll be the U.S., China, Japan, UK, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, France, and Argentina.