With An Average Of 22 Per Device, Mobile Apps Are Here To StayIt’s no secret that mobile apps are big business these days, for good reason.  Consumers respond very well to mobile apps, and in particular, the integrated mobile advertising that’s proving to be one of the most effective mobile forms in terms of relevancy and targeting.

A new report published by JiWire recently proves just how popular mobile apps have become with consumers.  The report indicates 55 percent of consumers now own an “app-enabled” smartphone or mobile device, with each user having 22 apps installed on their device on average.

In terms of mobile advertising related to mobile applications, the report shows 76 percent of consumers would “prefer to use free applications with advertising as opposed to paid applications.”  This shows impressive consumer willingness to integrated advertising as long as it’s wrapped in relevant content and the ads served are unobtrusive and well targeted to the application.

Over 50 percent of those surveyed for the report had engaged with mobile advertisements within a mobile application in the past 30 days, with 35 percent clicking on an ad, 27 percent visiting the advertiser’s Website and 18 percent actually making a purchase as a result.

What’s interesting is the willingness for consumers to provide their location in relation to serving more relevant ads.  The report indicates a dominating 84 percent of consumers are much more willing to engage with an ad relevant to their current location, with 53 percent ready to share their current location to accept more appropriate promotions.