Why Our Employees Rock - Hayk ChukhuryanmobileStorm is blessed with awesome employees.  Each and every day, a dedicated team of professionals ensure mobileStorm stays at the forefront of innovation, leadership and unmatched customer service.

One such employee that continually goes above and beyond is Client Satisfaction Representative and IT Manager Hayk Chukhuryan, who combines his love of technology, willingness to help people and a strong admiration for mobileStorm to remain an invaluable member of a dynamic team.

“mobileStorm allows me to take my knowledge of tech and run with it,” explained Hayk when asked how his passion for technology translates into his role at mobileStorm.  “I’ve learned so much from my colleagues here, and it has made me a much more knowledgeable person as a result.  We have amazing techies working at our office in LA- so it\’s like a network of information which we share with one another.”

In addition, Hayk maintains a blog aptly entitled “TheComputerBoss,” in which he shares a wealth of knowledge in all things tech.  From reviews of the latest gadgets to in-depth how-tos and much more, TheComputerBoss provides a valuable resource and a means for Hayk to further his desire to help others.

“My main objective with TheComputerBoss is to provide a rich source of information that people can refer to, for all areas of tech,” continued Hayk.  “I don\’t focus on a specific area- I like to mix it up in order to enlighten a more broad range of people from all walks of life.  One day you may see a post about the iPhone, and the next day, ‘The Basics of Bandwidth Explained\’.  I post content which I myself believe a person can benefit from.  These are posts that I would read if I came across them.”

Hayk, who has worked as a Systems Administrator for several businesses and even for the Geek Squad in the past, indicates a strong passion for mobile technology in particular, which he sees as an attribute that falls squarely within mobileStorm’s core objectives.

“It is my main focus right now, and that’s why I’m thrilled to be a part of mobileStorm.  Our company is really focused on mobile since it\’s obviously the direction computing is going.  Mobile used to be a term that referred to laptops and such, but now phones are capable computers allowing us to ditch the PC for our day to day computing needs.  Plus, with the availability of location services, and 3G (soon 4G) data, we will be seeing applications which we never thought possible before- just look at Foursquare.  With this kind technology, mobileStorm will enable our clients to touch more subscribers in more places.”

When asked why he thinks mobileStorm is such a great place to work, Hayk described it as a “young and energetic company with an amazing culture.”

“I have worked here for over 2 years now, and to this day look forward to my day at the office.  The people are awesome, and that is essential to a great workplace.  What I also love about working for mobileStorm is how ‘hip with the times\’ we are in our industry.  We always focus on innovation instead of imitating others.  This is apparent in the way we did SMS marketing before anyone else even got on the bandwagon.”

Through his work at mobileStorm and his continued blogging at TheComputerBoss, it’s apparent that Hayk feels strongly about knowledge of technology in general, and helping others understand it effectively.  “To be successful you need to be able to adapt.  With the rate that technology is advancing, it is more important than ever to keep up,” explained Hayk.  “Knowing your way around MS Office will no longer cut it- if you don\’t understand social networking, you will get left behind.  The average kid these days has a smartphone, an email address, a Facebook account, Twitter, you name it.  Technology is rapidly changing the world as we know it.”

You can follow Hayk by visiting TheComputerBoss.com, subscribing to his RSS feed or following him on Twitter @thecomputerboss or @thehayk.