mobileStorm - Why Our Employees RockIn an attempt to profile the mobileStorm employees (or Stormtroopers as we like to call them) who exemplify the dedication and hard work that’s made mobileStorm what it is today, we bring you the third installment of our series “Why Our Employees Rock.”

Sticking with those who  consistently  provide the legendary customer service mobileStorm is known for, we profile Brett Hopkins — a Customer Satisfaction Rep who recently proved his dedication to the company by becoming the second brave soul to answer the CEO’s challenge of having the tornado portion of the mobileStorm logo tattooed on himself.

Let’s take a closer look at our featured Stormtrooper…

Name: Brett Hopkins

Role at mobileStorm: Customer Satisfaction Representative

Employee Q&A:

What does your technical background entail?   What other jobs have you had that may have prepared you for becoming a killer Stormtrooper?

I have been working as an Account Manager for the last 4 years.  While working for a company in San Diego, I managed such accounts as Obama for America, NBCUniversal and Jerry Springer.

You obviously have a knack for providing \”Legendary Customer Service\” to mS clients, where does that desire come from?

I always strive for excellence and I never settle for anything less than 100%.  I don\’t believe that our clients should either.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I swim with dolphins, traveling with my lovely wife and visiting the beach as often as possible.

Why do you feel mobileStorm is such a great place to work?

The people. Everyone Rocks!

What is it about mobileStorm\’s culture that lends itself to such loyalty by its employees?

Because mobileStorm shows a genuine interest in its employees’ personal and professional growth.  If you show that you care about me I will return the love 10 times that.

What differentiates mobileStorm from other companies you\’ve worked for in the past?

Always coming up with ways for employees to improve themselves as people and as employees.

Do you blog on a regular basis?   If so, where and what about?

I got hurt one day while blogging so I have been traumatized ever since.