In continuing our series that profiles mobileStorm employees that go well above and beyond their call of duty, today we take a closer look at a Client Satisfaction Rep who — when told support staff would be given a half-day off — responded with; “I was just planning on satisfying clients until regular go-home time… I have no plans, so if  you DO need someone here, I’m available.”

Roxanne is also the brave soul who answered the CEO’s challenge to get mobileStorm’s tornado logo tattooed on her wrist as a show of dedication.

That, my friend, is why our employees rock.  Let’s take a closer look at our featured Stormtrooper…

Why Our Employees Rock - Roxanne BrownName: Roxanne Brown

Role at mobileStorm: Client Satisfaction Representative

Employee Q&A:

What\’s your technical background entail?   What other jobs have you had that may have prepared you for becoming a killer Stormtrooper?

I\’m primarily a self-taught computer nerd and web developer, with now-outdated certifications in network administration as well as training in video editing and multimedia production. My career spans a few decades and various industries and I\’ve done everything from being a switchboard operator (on a system almost exactly like this) to a collections representative, to processing millions of dollars worth of precious metals trades, to booking and scheduling post-production facilities for a major film studio, before I finally got hired to do the sort of geeky work I\’d come to love. RegardWhy Our Employees Rock - Roxanne Brown - mobileStorm Tattooless of the skill set or responsibilities that came with each different position, serving the needs of whom ever was on the other side of the phone or across the desk was in fact the REAL job. The goal was always to send them away happy, and I\’ve always taken it as a personal challenge to find creative solutions to see that it happens.

You obviously have a knack for providing top notch customer service to mS clients, where does that desire come from?

My mom instilled us with a sense that we have a sacred duty to live mindfully of our fellow human beings, and to strive to be our personal best no matter the task set before us. One thing she always says is, \”You learn something from every single person you meet,\” regardless of whether those interactions involve a long or short-term relationship. I sincerely enjoy educating and helping people, and in my job I\’m fortunate in that I get to share in so many people\’s \”Aha!\” moments, while learning more about them and their business. A client may call in for help understanding the reports in their mobileStorm account, and by the time we get off the phone I\’ve given them a crash course in building email campaigns or managing their database differently in order to increase their delivery rates. In one conversation they\’ve gained valuable knowledge and potentially increased their ROI, and I\’ve gotten a customer who\’s going to remember that mobileStorm Support cares enough about them to help make them better at what they do.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I love live music, comedy and long walks on the beach\”¦ oh wait, that\’s for my profile on\”¦  I\’m a social and political activist so I\’m constantly reading, writing or engaging in online debates – more often than not about fairly controversial subjects. Being a performer at heart and a \”keyboard warrior\” going back to the days of 1200 baud modems and BBSes, I\’ve cultivated an online persona that\’s pretty much the polar opposite of my compassionate and pacifist true nature. Employing satire, hyperbole, inflammatory rhetoric and even shocking language seems to be much more effective at drawing people into conversations about important issues like liberty, justice and equality than simply stating facts and being \”politically correct.\” If not for such methods, Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern wouldn\’t have careers! I\’ll say or do anything to make people think (or laugh). Every now and then I even surprise myself!

Why do you feel mobileStorm is such a great place to work?

There’s this diverse group of people who actually CARE about each other personally as well as professionally. Any one of us could call another and say, \”Car\’s broke down, I need a ride!” or “Can you watch my dog while I\’m out of town?” and it\’s a done deal. Same goes for the workday needs – I ask for help, someone’s there; and they know I’m there for whatever’s within my power, and not just my job description, to do. Working with such great people who are also exceedingly bright and talented, and who share freely with a knowledge junkie such as myself is something I wish everyone could experience. It\’s also nice to be thanked and appreciated for a job well done on a regular basis, both by peers and management.

What is it about mobileStorm\’s culture that lends itself to such loyalty by its employees?

Here\’s a recent example:  I volunteered to stay late if anyone needed me to on the Friday before a holiday weekend when everyone was leaving early. Both Jared and Forrest posted on our Yammer network giving me kudos for setting an example of legendary customer service. Seriously, who wouldn\’t want to give 110% at a job where you get that kind of “attagirl”? They go a long way toward boosting employee morale, and they’re far too rare in my experience. mobileStorm has created a culture here that makes it easy to go the extra mile because the loyalty goes both ways. In over 30 years I can’t recall ever being publicly lauded at the big corporations or even the smallest companies I’ve worked for (including a few where I worked for family!).

What differentiates mobileStorm from other companies you\’ve worked for in the past?

At most companies the awareness is always there that at the end of the day, as an employee you\’re not so much a person as just another expendable resource. It\’s definitely not that way at mobileStorm. Each of us has our field of expertise or our job to do, but we\’re all encouraged to brainstorm and be part of the ongoing growth and evolution of mobileStorm\’s product, culture and the company itself.

Do you blog on a regular basis?   If so, where and what about?

I’ve  gotten rather sidetracked for a couple years by the ease of use (and addictive nature) of MySpace and then Facebook, so my blogging has been somewhat spotty of late. At the moment however, I\’m in the process of migrating some of my old blog\’s posts to a new incarnation at – It\’s basically a brain dump where I post all sorts of things that amuse, inspire or infuriate me as well things that I find interesting and educational, along with my commentary. One of the reasons I\’m overhauling and migrating is because I want to add a whole new category about digital marketing, which I hope will be both educational and entertaining.