Now several days removed from the end of the 2014 holiday shopping season, data is pouring in with regard to the mobile devices that dominated sales in the homestretch of the holiday shopping bonanza.

But, alas, Flurry reported this week that Apple won the war for holiday sales with its market-leading iPhone.

Per its annual exploratory tradition, Flurry examined data from the more than 600,000 apps it tracks to get a feel for what was under the Christmas tree and which apps — and for which platform — were downloaded on December 25th.

The folks at Flurry say the holiday shopping season represented nothing less than a “banner Christmas” for Apple. All told, a staggering 51% of new device activations globally in the week leading up to Christmas Day (and including Christmas Day) were attributed to new iOS devices.

Samsung, meanwhile, finished in second place with 18% of new device activations. In third was Microsoft (Nokia), which secured a 5.8% share (via Lumia devices).