The Mobile Marketing Association knows a thing or two about mobile marketing.

And now the MMA wants others to know more too – particularly, consumer agencies, brands and retailers delving into mobile marketing.

The Mobile Marketing Association is calling the endeavor a “consumer-based” initiative that will educate interested parties in minimizing the costs, risks and time involved in formulating winning mobile marketing strategies. According to the MMA, the effort will include a broad range of educational components, including live events, webinars, outreach programs, and a variety of informative literature.

The admirable goal of the MMA’s outreach to assist agencies, brands and retailers in overcoming “the unique challenges inherent in mobile marketing.”

\”This new initiative reflects the MMA\’s commitment to supporting agencies, brands and retailers as critically important market sectors that are leveraging mobile marketing for effective consumer outreach and engagement,\” says Michael Becker, Managing Director for MMA, North America.

\”This is just the start, along with leading MMA members we\’re building the foundation and providing actionable intelligence and rare opportunities to network with and learn from the industry\’s leaders, this initiative is an ideal opportunity for brands and retailers to fast track their mobile marketing strategies.\”

It should be noted, too, that the MMA is putting forward knowledge and experience gleaned from across the industry.

The materials to be released will serve up an assortment of “real-world” examples that informatively spotlight mobile marketing’s ROI and other success stories and best practices that can be used as illustrative models by those new to mobile marketing.

The MMA is joined in its effort by the likes of Chris Wayman, vice president of global sales for iLoop Mobile; Doug Stovall, senior vice president of sales for Hipcricket; and Troy Gibson, director of technology for Resource Interactive.