The Future of SEOThe World Wide Web is a huge vast source of information that aims to get organized. All kinds of websites, directories, and portals are trying to solve this task, but ultimately it is best left to the search engines to do this. While we use the Web to talk to each other, to entertain ourselves, amongst other reasons, when it comes to trying to find some sort of information, we will most likely use search engines.

Search engines can be machine-powered or human-driven although the latter efforts have largely been failures. The reason is simple: people can never be truly objective. Even the subjectivity of the majority is still not objective. The history of the humankind has lots of examples when the majority turned out to be simply wrong. That is why the human-driven search engines failed in bringing relevant results. The machines, on the other hand, have no emotions or preferences. They work under the algorithm, making them very objective and therefore a preferred method truly effective search engines.

The Web is changing, with more people accessing it in a variety of ways, from mobile devices to laptops to the more traditional desktop. As this shift continues, so too will the priorities and reasons for using search engines. Such technologies will become more and more personalized to not only make it easier for these on-the-go consumers but also to make their searchers more relevant.

Search engine technology is also changing, with some systems now able to read not just texts but also other forms of data. Indexing and tagging, the way a search engine compiles results, now includes video and audio data. Such searches will only grow in popularity and become an increasingly integral part of basic search engines.

While these changes will dramatically affect the way that consumers use search engines, there will still be a need for companies to ensure that their names are at the top of the results. Search engine optimization (SEO) will inevitably change too as a primary method to achieve better search results but it isn\’t going away anytime soon, at least those who do it the right way. True SEO practitioners follow the guidelines of a \”lighter\” code, smoother design, and a more relevant and easy-to-read content, all of which makes the Web an easier resource to use.

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
mobileStorm, Inc.
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