If there’s any doubt that data-driven marketing and online content personalization is the way of the future, the recent study produced by Econsultancy put those doubts to rest.

It showed that business professionals in the digital industry want more, and superior, analytics in order to better tailor their content to the demands of consumers who, more than ever, want online experiences that are tailored to their specific needs.

The study showed that personalization and targeting were the second most wanted analytics marketers are looking for, while the ability to track behavior across different devices and channels was first.

Personalization is trendy, to be sure, but it’s also proving quite profitable. For example, eMarketer notes, cross-selling and up selling offers increase substantially with the use of accurate consumer data, as well as relevancy, loyalty offers, brand integrity and internal routing.

The biggest problem of course is actually getting the raw data that they need to personalize content that satisfies consumers. A poll in June showed that many marketers and data management professionals still see the collection of accurate and timely data as a big challenge.

That same study showed that cross-selling and up selling was increased by nearly 70% however, a number that can drop the jaw on even the most jaded of marketers. It also means that, even though it might be trendy right now, data-driven marketing and content personalization is sure to quickly move from trendy to mainstream in the very near future.