Survey - Consumers Comfortable With Using Mobile For Larger PaymentsConsumer demand for mobile commerce is more than apparent these days, but a new survey suggests consumers are even willing to use their mobile devices to pay for big-ticket items beyond the “micro-payments” we’re seeing today.

The survey comes as part of a new report titled \”Unlocking the Value of Mobile Commerce,” published by Netsize, which examined the current role of mobile in Online and physical retail and commerce.  The most interesting findings relate to the amounts consumers are willing to spend solely via their mobile devices, indicating consumer comfortability with the concept is growing rapidly.

While almost all respondents (94 percent) said they would be \”very likely\” or \”somewhat likely\” to purchase goods totaling up to $25 using their mobile phones, 83 percent of respondent indicated that they would be open to pay for items such as concert tickets valued at amounts up to $50.  In addition, over half (51 percent) of respondents reported they would be likely to purchase physical goods for amounts up to $100 using just their mobile phone.

Consumer choice in terms of payment mechanism was identified as a primary driver of the quality of the “mobile shopping experience,” with 60 percent of respondents reporting that payment choice was very important to them.  At this point, the consumer demand is there, it’s just a matter of technology and regulatory infrastructure catching up with the demand.