Successful Recent Campaigns Prove Effectiveness Of SMS Mobile CouponsMobile coupons are an extremely effective marketing tactic, as brands are continuing to discover.  The reported results of two recent campaigns prove that the method is not only highly successful when executed properly, but also does wonders in building an opt-in database to market to in the future.

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor recently initiated a comprehensive text messaging initiative to drive foot-traffic to its restaurants and encourage mobile opt-ins using a three-month test program in just 30 of its stores.  The simple pilot campaign encouraged users to send a text message to Shakey\’s to receive a mobile coupon good for a large pizza.  At the end of the pilot, Shakey’s realized a 10% overall conversion rate and added over 16,000 opt-in subscribers to its mobile database.  In short, Shakey’s realized the need to put a long-term plan in place to leverage mobile coupons long into the future.

Another successful initiative, albeit an iPhone app rather than a campaign, was a simple app dedicated entirely to mobile coupons called “Voucher Book.”  The app, which was a digital counterpart to the “Voucher Book” service running in certain parts of Germany, saw over 50,000 downloads within its first three days in the Apple App Store – or an average of once every 15 sec.  The app quickly rose to become one of the Top 5 apps for Germany, despite being very basic in nature.

Both show consumers’ appetite for mobile coupons served digitally and when most relevant.