Success in Mobile Marketing Won't Come to Apple, says Yahoo ChiefYahoo Chief Executive Carol Bartz doesn’t have much faith in the mobile marketing efforts of Apple.

And a lot of mobile marketers are beginning to wonder if she may be right.

In a new interview covered by Reuters, Bartz explains her reasoning behind the belief that Apple can’t sustain its iAd platform.

According to Bartz, it all boils down to control. And Apple wants far too much “control” for its advertisers’ comfort.

“That’s going to fall apart for them,” Bartz says of Apple’s iAd platform. “Advertisers are not going to have that type of control over them. Apple wants total control over those ads.””

In recent weeks, complaints have surfaced from advertisers who have already endured less-than-ideal experiences with Apple on iAds.

From the lengthy time it takes to launch an iAd (eight to ten weeks) to Apple’s obsessive control (particularly with regard to the creative aspects of in-app ad placement), Bartz doesn’t believe Apple can sustain a successful mobile marketing platform without first shedding some of its restrictive and controlling policies.