Study Finds Social Media Sharing Options Drive Major Click-Through For Email MarketersAn email marketing survey published recently upholds the notion that integrating social media sharing options in email campaigns can boost click-through significantly, reaffirming the importance of combining social media with email marketing.

The survey analyzed over 500 million sent emails to determine that those including Facebook or Twitter sharing options generated a 30% higher click-through rate than emails without them.  More impressive, when e-mails included at least three different sharing options, publishers experienced a 55% higher CTR on average.  Still, even with the dramatic increase in CTR, only 11.2% of emails sent actually offer three or more sharing options, according to the survey.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that social media is a key driver to boosting the effectiveness of email campaigns, though it’s surprising how slow some brands are realizing it.  This survey proves that the simple addition of social media sharing options via Facebook and Twitter — let alone the numerous other social media services out there — can have profound effects on the CTR of a campaign, with very minor tweaking.  Marketers are always looking for simple, cheap ways to boost CTR, and nothing compares to social media integration.