SMS Ideal for Convention and Trade Show Marketing

SMS Ideal for Convention or Trade Show MarketingThe trade show circuit in the United States and abroad is huge, with millions of people attending every year. At some of the bigger shows, announcing the day’s events can be difficult and, in some cases, a nearly impossible task. With things like keynote speeches, autograph signings, giveaways, exhibitions and presentations, it can be difficult for attendees to keep up.

While using a mobile website can help keep things a little bit more organized, not every attendee is going to be consistently connected to the Internet while at a trade show or convention. On the other hand, you can be sure that nearly 100% of them will have a smartphone or cell phone on their person, and that’s why text messaging is an excellent solution for not only marketing a convention or trade show but keeping your audience up-to-date during the proceedings.

You can also increase excitement and awareness by using SMS, not to mention boost interactivity with contests and polls.

What’s more, after the trade show or convention is over, there are still communications and marketing opportunities to consider. For example, you can send an exhibitor-sponsored message to targeted demographics and subscribers, an outstanding tool for any event coordinator who wants to effectively communicate with their existing customers. They can send reminders, special promotions and announcements quite easily.

During any trade show or convention there is usually a massive flow of communication from both sides and SMS is an effective way to not only handle this communication but also advance production and sales by all vendors. SMS can reduce workflow and general expenditures as well, and allow promoters to build a database of subscribers, something that can be used to promote upcoming shows and conventions and greatly increase the turnout for those.


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  1. Messaging is an integral part of any life cycle communication and marketing strategy.

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