Second Employee Takes CEO's Tattoo Dedication Challenge 3Back in March, mobileStorm CEO Jared Reitzin made the bold offer of paying a $1,000 bonus to any employee willing to brand themselves by tattooing the company’s logo on a visible part of their body.

Within days, he was already forced to pay up when Roxanne Brown, a mobileStorm Customer Satisfaction Rep, took the plunge by inking the blue tornado logo on her wrist.  Nearly seven months later, a second employee is now showing the ultimate form of dedication.

Brett Hopkins, another Customer Satisfaction Rep, recently had the logo tattooed on the outer portion of his leg, branding himself with a life-long reminder of the company he’s now an integral part of.

Whether Reitzin regrets making the generous offer or not, one thing’s for sure; mobileStorm is filled with unique employees willing to go above and beyond to show their dedication.  With two takers already on the roster, the question remains: who’s going to be next?

Second Employee Takes CEO's Tattoo Dedication Challenge