Overcoming Barriers To Integrating Video In Email MarketingVideo-based marketing is a concept that’s gaining a lot of attention when it comes to digital marketing.  The same shift that brought monetization to the endless amounts of Online and mobile video being produced is happening with email marketing as well, where barriers are  increasingly  being overcome to allow easy integration of video in mass-market campaigns.

Marketers have attempted utilizing video in email marketing for years, but have always been  plagued  with deliverability and bandwidth issues.  With recent advancements in areas such as deliverability tools that completely bypass former technical issues, partnerships with video vendors and the continued proliferation of consumer broadband, mainstream adoption of video-based email marketing is finally a reality.

Consumers respond well to videos, as seen with increased branding  initiatives  being implemented on YouTube and other user-generated video sites.  Video induces engagement like never before, providing an experience far superior to basic text-based emails that get passed over all too often.  Videos keep eyeballs focused on your message, and is a perfect indirect way to strengthen your brand and make consumers aware of your products and services in a way they’re comfortable with.

As consolidation and partnerships continue to take place, highly integrated digital marketing will continue to evolve, with video-based email marketing being an important aspect to that growth.  To  learn more about email marketing and what it can do for your business, check out  mobileStorm today.