Sausage Fest No More

Women Outnumber MenInternet marketing is more important than ever – if you\’re trying to reach females.

According to eMarketer, this year 100.4 million U.S. females and 93.5 million U.S. males will go online once a month or more often. The \”fairer sex\” will make up 51.8 percent of Internet users. By 2012, chicks will outnumber dudes by more than 8 million.

All this means that Internet marketing campaigns – including messaging like RSS and email – will be crucial when trying to reach female demographics. Especially younger demographics. eMarketer said that female teens are more likely to use social networks, noting that 55 percent of teen online content creators are girls, and that 35 percent of teen girls write blogs, compared to 20 percent of teen boys.

To be sure, adult women are slightly less likely to go online than adult men – 68 percent likely, as opposed to 70 percent likely. Still, we noted in an earlier blog post that a good number of females as well as males go online to watch video. So grown-up ladies are almost as important as their little sisters when it comes to online marketing.

So what does that mean for digital message marketers? It means that a multi-channel approach, with special attention to Internet platforms and permission-based messages sent via email and RSS, makes sense to those who want to promote female-oriented brands and products.

For example, promoters of the feature film version of Sex And The City should learn from the NBA\’s online and messaging campaign that mobileStorm is powering. The SATC hype is becoming stale, so can you imagine how psyched the brand\’s majority-female fans would be to sign up to get emails (or text messages or voice calls) from their fave character telling them where to see the movie? Or how to dump that morning-after guy? (I guess that would be a sausage fast rather that fest.)

Eydie Cubarrubia
Marketing Communications Manager, mobileStorm
\”I\’d rather you text me\”