Newsletter Domain NameLong story short: Your newsletter domain should be great. Now, let’s get into details.

A domain name for your newsletter should be recognizable, memorable, easy to spell, “searchable” as a keyword, and even charismatic.

With all other aspects being equal, .com names are significantly more valuable than names in .org and .net TLDs (top level domains). As for .info, .biz, .mobi and other domain names, they are even less valuable. Try to get a .com domain name for your newsletter’s website.

Shorter names are in smaller supply, and thus are worth much more. Try not to exceed the 16-character limit for your domain.

Most of the economic value of the domain name depends upon its ability to generate traffic to the newsletter. If a domain name has your major keyword in it or better IS your major keyword – you’ve got a winner. If well-optimized it alone will drive all-targeted traffic to your newsletter with you doing almost nothing.

People’s capacity to remember the domain name (from a magazine ad, a TV commercial, or an oral or phone discussion with a friend), and properly enter the URL into a web browser (easy spelling) – is very important for your newsletter traffic too. Simple words and phrases are easiest to remember and make the best brand/domain names.

A major consideration in a website domain name is to examine its ability to be trademarked. You can check the status of the domain name and who owns the trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Even if a name is trademarked or pending, you may still be able to trademark the name for another class of goods or services than what it has already been trademarked for. If you get a domain name which is already trademarked and plan on providing the same types of goods or services which the trademark protects you will be infringing on the holder’s trademark rights.

The most valuable domain names are common English words and their combinations that relate directly to what’s your newsletter about. It’s very difficult to find a good domain these days since almost everything valuable is already registered. But you can always find a great name if you approach the process creatively. A great example of a beautiful creative and charismatic domain name is:

Here are some suggestions for you when you create a domain name for your newsletter:

– It’s a good idea to include a word “newsletter” or “ezine” in your domain name. Thus, you will be found by those looking for the newsletter covering the subject that you actually cover in your newsletter;

– Avoid abbreviations and “minimalist spelling” if at all possible. If you buy the domain name “” you will be sending free traffic to “” every time you mention the domain name in conversation or on the radio. And you face an endless series of conversations that begin “No, that’s 4, as in the number four… and then �u’ for �you'” The use of “2” for “to” and other similar shortenings are also best avoided;

– Creativity is not a slave to logic. If you’re hit with a great idea, go for it! Don’t hesitate, have second thoughts, or dither…. somebody might have the same brainwave as you and beat you to your choice of newsletter domain name;

– When you’ve found a domain name that really clicks, one that you’re going to use for your newsletter for years to come, spend a few extra $ on securing variants of the name. There’s no need to go crazy on alternative extensions, but make sure you buy the .com, .net and .org versions of the domain, plus alternates if available. Consider the singular and plural forms of the domain name, and the hyphenated version(s) if these are obviously interesting. Basically, when you have a great idea, why let somebody else have a free ride on your tail? Eliminate the competition;

– Don’t automatically buy the first domain name you think of! Think some more, sleep on it, ask your friends for their opinions. At the same time, don’t sit on a good idea forever, because “forever” will come soon. Somebody else will stumble upon your idea when you least expect it, and if they react quicker then you’ve lost your chance at that domain name!

A good domain name must flow well when you say it. It isn’t a good name if other people stumble when trying to say it.

When choosing a domain name for your newsletter, think in terms of how you could market your newsletter with this domain name. Until next time…

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
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