Most marketers have long known what a new report from Nielsen is now telling them; that mobile represents a huge opportunity for brand marketers.

The only drawback at this point is simply that mobile is relatively young and, when it comes time to engage in mobile advertising, many marketers are still confused about best practices since they’re quite a bit different than the ones they’re used to from online, TV and radio advertising.

One of the biggest challenges that marketers have at this juncture is the fact that measuring the effectiveness of their mobile efforts is inconsistent at best, something that represents a significant growth barrier.

That being said, mobile is poised to become a mainstream advertising medium on a par with television. The new Nielsen survey reflects the opinions of advertisers, media providers and agencies about mobile brand advertising and what needs to be addressed in order to grow it correctly.

A quote from the new report states that “Marketers are deploying mobile campaigns on their own as well as a complement to other media. However, it’s this pairing of mobile with other mediums and focus on branding that gives rise to advertisers’ biggest mobile pain points.”

As mentioned earlier, one of the two biggest obstacles reported by advertisers is the inability to calculate their ROI on mobile as well as a lack of metrics to gauge the success of their mobile campaigns.

The Nielsen survey states that “So addressing this disconnect could pay large dividends: 30% of advertisers and 37% of agencies say the ‘ability to use the same metrics to evaluate audience reach on mobile as are used offline’ would lead them to increase their use of mobile advertising.”

The report also finds that advertisers are integrating mobile and running it in conjunction with other online and off-line media using cross-platform tactics. It further states that marketers would “prefer to use the exact same metrics used in the offline medium, and additional metrics specific to the mobile medium” to measure their mobile campaigns.

Lastly, brands and agencies reported that they would increase their use of mobile if best practices were adopted that would help them align their campaign goals and communicate them correctly from the start.

In conclusion the new Nielsen report reveals that “Media sellers and agencies that adopt these best practices and invest in what is needed to deliver these capabilities will be in the best position to capture resulting growth in mobile brand spending.”

Again, it’s been obvious to many marketers for quite some time that mobile represents a huge opportunity. Once the problems of best practices, analytics and measuring effectiveness have been overcome, it’s expected that mobile brand advertising will become one of the dominant marketing and advertising forces being used today.