To those of you who watch mobileStorm closely, you are undoubtedly familiar with our expansion into the healthcare space.  For those of you who aren’t, we’d love to get you up to speed.  After 11 years in the mobile communication space (marketing being a significant use for communication), we have come to define ourselves as a Communication Service Provider (CSP) rather than simply a digital messaging platform.  Our goal, and the reason we get up on the morning, is to enable our customers to conduct meaningful conversations with their members, in whatever form that may be.  Healthcare has shown the greatest need for this sort of innovation, and we have dedicated our expertise to making this happen.

Mobile healthcare continues to evolve at a breakneck pace with the capabilities we’ve long been predicting finally coming to fruition.  While smartphone users have had access to basic fitness and wellness applications for years, more advanced – truly transformational – technology is beginning to hit the market in the form of mobile monitoring, advanced health-related mobile communication, and much more.

Healthcare companies, device manufacturers, and communication service providers are coming together to tackle pre- and post-reform healthcare challenges through the use of mobile devices, faster and more plentiful mobile broadband networks, and advances in truly secure, compliant mobile communication.  Accelerated investment in mobile and overall electronic health technologies via government-derived initiatives is also igniting a new wave of innovation recently.

Most importantly, mobile technology is tackling long-standing compliance and regulatory issues that have long plagued the healthcare industry and worked to stifle true innovation.  From chronic care and lifestyle management to medical care surveillance, general adherence and even HIPAA-compliant mobile communication, mHealth innovation is making new things possible every day.  With so much going on in the mHealth space, where can you see it all first-hand and meet the innovators, healthcare providers, and technology companies that are powering this massive paradigm shift?

The Wireless Life Sciences Alliance (WLSA) is hosting its annual convergence summit in San Diego May 10th through the 12th and in addition to an impressive list of attendees, speakers and panelists, we will be there to showcase our new “mobileStorm for Healthcare” product offering.  At the heart of mobileStorm for Healthcare is new technology that facilitates the secure communication of Protected Health Information (PHI) to mobile devices.  In addition to demoing our brand-new healthcare platform, we’ll be announcing strategic partnerships with leading healthcare providers as well.  If you’re planning to be at the conference, be sure and stop by the mobileStorm booth on May 12th to see how we’re doing our part in revolutionizing the healthcare industry.