IMG_0062Leading up to Fat Tuesday’s Mardi Gras Pub Crawl, visitors to the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas were encouraged to RSVP to the event by texting FREMONT to 99158, an SMS call-to-action and short code powered by mobileStorm.

The pub crawl featured bars from all over downtown, originating in the heart of the Fremont Street Experience, which utilized its massive Viva Vision overhead canopy to display massive calls-to-action for visitors to register by texting in.

The campaign not only provided a quick and easy way for visitors to register, but also enabled the bars, restaurants and other businesses involved to gain valuable opt-in leads for future mobile campaigns.

The campaign utilized mobileStorm’s shared 99158 short code and digital marketing platform to allow event organizers to simplify and easily manage RSVPs, while laying the foundation for future campaigns as well.