mobileStorm CEO Offers Employees $1,000 Bonus for Tornado TattooIn an attempt to spur hardcore company spirit, Jared Reitzin, CEO of mobileStorm, announced a unique bonus offer for employees willing to prove long-lasting dedication to their employer by tattooing the company’s logo on a visible part of their body.

In a show of his own long-lasting dedication to the firm he’s built from the ground up, Reitzin had the tornado portion of the company’s logo tattooed on his ankle during a trip to Dublin, Ireland over six years ago.  Though many have asked him what might happen if something happens to mobileStorm, Reitzin adamantly replies “I thought about all of those things and to be honest its been 10 years building this baby, and wanted to have a permanent testament on my leg to (that) perseverance, persistence, and determination.”

Though there so far hasn’t been any takers, Reitzin made the standing offer of paying a $1,000 bonus to any employee willing to do the same- with the only caveat being it must be visible, and must allow the company to blog about it once complete.  So far, only one employee has entertained the thought, offering to tattoo the tornado on the inside of their lip.

Whether or not there’s any takers willing to show company spirit in the form of ink, Reitzin’s move is a testament to dedication and loyalty to the brand he’s been a part of for over 10 years.  “Having a permanent symbol on your body tends to make you believe that failure is not an option.  It’s a constant reminder of the dedication you need to have.”