Mobile Tech Strategy!?! What Mobile Tech Strategy?

Astonishingly, more than one-quarter of U.S.-based CIOs report their organization has no mobile technology strategy today.

28 percent of chief information officers surveyed by Robert Half Technology made that startling admission, once again affirming the surprising reality that a significant number of companies large and small remain out of touch with the opportunities in mobile.

Auspiciously, other findings gleaned from the survey show that 70 percent of firms have implemented some type of mobile technology strategy. 56 percent report using a “blend” of mobile applications and mobile-friendly web pages.

Overall, healthcare services had the greatest percentage of respondents (36 percent) reporting that their organization has no mobile technology strategy.

Not surprisingly, the business services and retail industries had the highest percentages of respondents (65 percent and 63 percent, respectively) using a variety of mobile apps and mobile-optimized web pages.

“To maintain competitive advantage, sectors such as business services and retail need to connect with customers anytime, anywhere, so it’s logical to see them leading the charge in implementing mobile strategies,” says John Reed, senior executive director of Robert Half Technology. “Compliance issues have made it difficult for the healthcare industry to move as quickly as other sectors, but as consumer demand for mobile health information grows, formal mobile strategies are a necessary next step.”


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