Mobile Native ‘No Longer a Buzzword’ As Advertising Industry Looks to Further Growth in 2015The year that people “got mobile” was 2013 — and what a change 2014 brought, as marketers got wise to the amazing opportunities of mobile advertising. Not everything worked — but much worked well, indeed.

According to a story on the past year as well as trends for 2015 in The Drum, for one thing native advertising is no longer a buzzword.

“This year native advertising, which is more engaging and less intrusive than banner ads, started to make mobile inroads,” the report noted. “While ad spend on mobile native remains relatively small, overall native spend was projected to rise 46.7 percent to $3.2 billion in 2014, according to eMarketer.”

Native advertising is much-talked about, but actually shows huge promise going forward.

It’s a no brainer, for publishers, as native commands higher eCPM rates (on average three times higher than standard banner ads) and leads to a more lucrative in-app advertising solution. Advertisers are willing to place higher bids on an ad unit that mimics the publishers’ site, therefore leading to more clicks.

What else will 2015 bring? For starters, programmatic advertising will mature as entrepreneurs find better ways to provide scalable solutions for advertisers.

And mobile advertising — especially of the native variety — will continue to mushroom.

The bottom line? It looks like marketers will be allocating more ad dollars to mobile in 2015 and beyond.