Some of the biggest industries in the world and some of the smallest mom-and-pops on the corner have all embraced mobile marketing and harnessed its power to capitalize on diverse marketing needs. Yet those wedged in the “undecided” territory with regard to the potential of mobile marketing and its value to their particular brands and businesses often mistakenly believe that mobile marketing is a zero sum game. That is, is one ventures into mobile marketing, all forms of traditional marketing must be relegated to a bygone era of their business, never to be used again.

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions about mobile marketing today is that it doesn’t “play well” with others – specifically, other forms of advertising, mostly the traditional forms like billboards and window signage. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a reality illustrated by some of the biggest names in retail on a daily basis. Achieved so seamlessly, however, most of us never notice just how effectively both mobile and traditional forms of marketing work in tandem.

One such example is that of Bloomingdale’s, which has implemented what can best be described as an old-school contemporary mobile marketing endeavor. The oxymoron utilized is a reference to Bloomingdale\’s Lexington Avenue store window. Nowhere can you you find a better example of the old meeting the new.

The venue on Lexington sports three studio vignettes. Bloomingdale\’s, Apartment Therapy and Elle Decor are responsible for designing the respective vignettes. Using the window display, Bloomingdale\’s is inviting shoppers to text their vote for their favorite display. According to Frank Berman, Senior VP of Marketing at Bloomingdale\’s: \”The strategy for adding SMS texting as an option in the Big Window Challenge voting was to add an element of engagement at the windows.”

\”It allows for customers and passers-by to interact with our brand –  in and easy and instant way –  as they walk by. We will continue to consider utilizing SMS voting for future campaigns where it makes sense.\”

What also makes sense is for those in business who have not yet entertained the potential of mobile marketing and what it can do for their products and services to finally do so. Whether its integrating mobile marketing into current advertising models, or whipping up a new and complete digital ad blitz from scratch, there is no shortage of opportunity for anyone looking to capitalize on the power of mobile.

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