Mobile Marketing Meets Big Brother for iAdNo shortage of advertisers are debating whether a hefty investment in Apple’s new iAd platform is worth it.

To potentially sweeten the pot, Apple is making no secret of the invaluable resource of iTunes’ large subscriber base to help advertisers target their ads to the perfect audience for their message.

More closely now than ever, Apple is studiously absorbing analytics at a hurried pace as iTunes subscribers are the research subjects for iAd campaign targets. Needless to say, what you buy, when you buy, and how much time you spend enjoying what you buy are vital stats for mobile marketers to know.

With the majority of marketers spending at least $1 million to participate on the iAd platform, Apple will do whatever it takes to incentivize the financial commitments required. With better than 150 million iTunes digital storefront customers worldwide, Apple has a large user base from which to cull highly relevant data critical to targeted advertising campaigns.

And while many would-be iAd participants will likely remain on the fence for a bit, Apple is forging ahead with making available the “demographics, application preferences, musical tastes, movie and television genre interests, and location” to advertisers looking to place their promotions on the interactive ad platform.

For the time being, developers seem in agreement that Apple is better than, say, Android for profiting from applications and digital downloads. But just as devs have been pleased with the financial structure of the iAd platform. Now the only question that remains to be answered is just how pleased will the advertisers be who shell out big bucks hoping for a big return on their investment.