Apple’s tablet has been the worst kept secret in the tech world for quite some time. Yet even as more rumors than realities swirled around the device’s existence, a plethora of developers and mobile marketers closely followed the rumor mill in anticipation of a product launch out of Cupertino that could not only rock the mobile landscape, but also permanently alter computing for the masses.

According to a fresh survey from Appcelerator ahead of the tablet’s big reveal, 9 out of 10 of the 550 developers surveyed admitted to being “very interested” in creating applications designed for the tablet. Scott Schwarzhoff, the company’s head of marketing, adds: “Developers are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the tablet.”

The unique application-friendly component of the tablet makes the device richly beneficial and purposeful to the mobile marketing community, which is gearing up to capitalize on the revolutionary platform wholly capable of changing the ways in which millions of people absorb digital content. From reading books and newspapers, to watching television and playing games, Apple has set the stage for the digital advertisers of the wold to have access to multiple opportunities for exposure to consumers all from one device and the many channels that fall within its realm.

When asked to ponder the app landscape in the days, weeks, and months ahead, Nickhil Jakatdar, CEO and co-founder of VuClip, says: “The tablet spells new potential for applications focused on the home that just need a bit more space – family calendars, grocery lists, recipes, note taking – all of these make more sense on a tablet than a phone.”

Utility aside, the tablets of today and tomorrow will also prove a great boon to mobile video, which has taken root among smartphone users but will still need help from devices like the tablet to push mobile video past its few remaining hurdles and break through to the mainstream like never before.

With exciting new platforms emerging in lock step with a hungry bastion of developers and mobile marketers, the 21st century evolution of mobile technology and mobile comfort among the masses is about to enter an entirely new phase on the highest plateau yet realized.

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