There’s more to a successful marketing campaign than the quality text, images, videos, or other digital components that garnish your effort.

Ultimately, a successful mobile marketing campaign depends on how effectively it reaches targeted consumers. Auspiciously, however, defining and reaching an “exact audience” has never been easier. Thanks in no small part to the advent of the social networking era, finding the audience right for your product or service is simple enough to boggle your mind and potentially lucrative enough to simultaneously blow it.

From Facebook to Twitter, social networks have made it remarkably uncomplicated to aim mobile marketing campaigns like heat-seeking missiles at individuals who have made public much of the information advertisers require for highly effectual direct mobile marketing. So rich with potential is the social media landscape that a recent Informa report indicated that mobile social networking in the US will see revenues topping $400 million in 2010. Informa projects that the mobile social networking market will expand at a neck-breaking pace through 2013, the first year in which it is likely to earn revenues in excess of $1 billion.

Incredibly, many mobile marketers continue to falter in utilizing the vast resources of social networking platforms to promote their products and services. With unprecedented opportunities to raise brand awareness along with revenues in a marketing scenario that is both cost-effective and patently more effectual than any tradition advertising effort, the mobile marketers yet to delve deeper into the social networking market will all but certainly do so in the coming years.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles faced by contemporary advertisers remains the inability to make the mobile marketing experience highly interactive and pertinent to targeted individuals. In this regard, social networking platforms (those big and small) are virtually tailored to the needs of modern mobile marketers. And until this power is better leveraged by the full breadth of the mobile marketing community, there will be priceless opportunities and potential paydays lost – or at least delayed until the social channel is more robustly utilized.