Mobile Marketeters See Potential Where There is HungerPlacecast has released its second wave of research conducted by Harris Interactive that delves deeper into consumer receptivity to opt-in mobile marketing.

And according to the findings, a swelling percentage of US wireless subscribers are “hungry” for location-based mobile marketing and advertising offers – literally.

Research indicates that 28% of mobile subscribers are “somewhat interested” in mobile alerts related to their interests and preferences. Within that group, nearly 70% admit wanting to receive discounts on food or groceries. In particular, 64% express interest in promotions and mobile coupons from national restaurant chains.

Mobile users between the ages of 18 and 34 largely dominate the base interested in mobile alerts and offers regarding dining or grocery store purchases.

One-third of Americans who currently have signed up for mobile marketing alerts indicate that such services impact their decision to go into stores and 27% report that mobile programs have impacted their decision to buy products in physical retail locations.

According to Placecast, women skewed higher than men when it came to interest in promotions for groceries and apparel, while men skewed higher in interest for electronics and sporting goods products.

Most importantly, however, the “overall consumer interest” in such programs increased by 2% percent since last year’s similar study of mobile subscribers’ interest in location-based and opt-in mobile marketing opportunities.