The growth of mobile marketing and the emergent popularity of mobile coupons have begun triggering a domino effect in the world of conventional advertising. The mobile coupon revolution, as it is quickly becoming known, is principally affecting the traditionalal print coupon industry and decimating the former business model behind advertising juggernauts like the one universally known as Valpak – the collection of assorted print coupons and relevant advertisements found occasionally in your local newspaper or mailbox.

As a result of mobile marketing’s thunderous new presence in the ad world, Cox Enterprises, the proprietor of Valpak, has even withdrawn its previously publicized plan to sell the coupon mainstay in light of Valpak’s recent and highly successful foray into digital marketing. Cox is now fully committed to the burgeoning potential of, which has been optimized for mobile phones and continues to generate new revenue streams with its digital offerings.

Consumers have even been recently introduced to a new Valpak iPhone app, a development born of partnerships made with other Cox companies aimed at helping shoppers scour potential savings opportunities via the Valpak website and ascertain information relayed from customer reviews and ratings relevant to myriad regional vendors and service providers.

One need not be a marketing analyst to accurately observe how mobile marketing’s transformation of outdated and once-powerful advertising mechanisms will ultimately bring to reality the recent prediction from Juniper Research that consumer usage of mobile coupons could potentially generate upwards of $6 billion globally in retail redemption value by 2014.

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