Mobile Barcode Scanning Sees Massive Spike in 2010To state that mobile barcode scanning has simply increased during 2010 would be an absolute understatement.

Based on the findings of a new consumer adoption study from ScanBuy, barcode scanning has exploded a substantial 700% in 2010.

As reported by the New York Times,   the report doesn’t look at usage beyond the company’s own technology. Still, ScanBuy is well known as one of the “industry leaders” in barcode scanning, and the data is particularly telling and not at all difficult to fathom.

Surprisingly, the Japanese continue to lead the U.S. – and no shortage of other markets – in terms of the prevalence of barcode scanning. An impressive 86% of all Japanese mobile users utilize barcode scanning on four or more occasions every month.

Based on the information presented in the report, 1D (UPC) and 2D (QR) codes are being scanned equally. Linking to a website, however, is the most popular action delivered by a 2D barcode scan, with 85% of scans.

Other noteworthy findings include:

  • Health and beauty products were the most popular items among 1D (UPC) scans, with 21%. They were followed by groceries (14.4%), books (12.6%) and kitchen items (9.2%)
  • Half of barcode users are ages 35-45 and predominantly male.
  • Android was the most popular smartphone platform, with 45% of barcode users. Android was followed by Blackberry (27%), iPhone (15%), Symbian (9%), Java (3%) and Windows Mobile (1%).