Mobile Ads are a Mommy & Daddy MagnetParents dig mobile ads.

That’s according to a new mobile marketing survey from Harris Interactive.

As covered by the New York Times, the report shows that the demographic group “most interested in receiving mobile advertising is mobile owners with children.”

Highlighting the promotional value of targeting parents, the study suggests what many mobile marketers have proven skillful at doing – targeting consumers with children and, consequently, a greater need for certain products and services.

Concluding that adults with children are generally more “promotionally active” than those without little ones, mobile users with kids under the age of 6 are “most receptive” to mobile advertising. 35% of those surveyed are “in favor of opt-in alerts” via mobile phone.

The survey, which was conducted involving better than 2,000 U.S. adults, also revealed that mobile coupons are an especially welcome entity among parents. 36% of parents surveyed show a strong interest (36%) in mobile coupons, when compared to their non-parent counterpart (only 18%).

Gender, however, was another key factor highlighted in the research. 28% of women between 35 and 54 “stated interest in mobile marketing initiatives.” Only 22% of men felt the same.

Placecast’s CEO, Alistair Goodman, tells the New York Times that these findings speak volumes about the enormous mobile marketing potential in reaching individuals with children.

“Mobile Moms and Dads may not have the time to open an app and search for information, but they see the value and ease of receiving text alerts,” Goodman says.