Mobile Ad Clicks Dominated by Android UsersCurious about who is doing the most clicking when it comes to mobile ads?

According to the findings of a new Nielsen study (one released in partnership with the AppNation conference in San Francisco) Android users continue to outpace other mobile platform users when it comes to clicking on an in-app ad.

Approximately one-third of Android users have clicked on an in-app ad.

Windows Mobile, however, finished in a surprisingly strong second place with close to 30% of all users clicking in-app ads.

Apple\’s iOS was third place at 26%, while Palm users came in at 22% and Blackberry had only 15%.

The Neilsen report based its findings on an August survey of 4,000 mobile subscribers. All the subscribers in question were those who had downloaded at least one mobile application within one month of the survey.

According to Neilsen, a \”younger demographic\” is given as the likely primary reason why Android users rank so high among users who click on in-app ads.

It should be noted, however, that with youth often comes less money to burn. And, as a result, Android users show a strong preference toward free mobile apps.

\”Either way,” the report reads, “they are more likely to click on an ad within an app, and that spells a clear monetization strategy for anyone targeting the fast-growing Android user base.”