MMA One Quarter of Euro Consumers Will Respond to Advertising If Given a Mobile Response OptionIf communication is a two way street, why shouldn’t mobile marketing be the same?

Apparently, European mobile customers appreciate the opportunity to engage with mobile ads. And based on the findings of the Mobile Marketing Association and research partner, Lightspeed Research, a quarter of consumers would be more likely to respond to advertising in any media if it allowed them to do so using their mobile device.

The results of the study were published this month in the latest UK, French and German Mobile Consumer Briefing reports on advertising with mobile response options.

In completing the report, respondents were asked about “their awareness of and preferences for mobile response options and how it would enhance their engagement with advertising.” Of the most common mobile response options, texting a keyword to a shortcode was consumers\’ preferred method for responding to adverts in each country.

Dr. Peter A. Johnson, VP of Market Intelligence for the MMA, said the findings of the latest study were particularly telling. \”Enabling consumers to respond to traditional advertising methods via mobile is a great way of bringing adverts to life and increasing their impact with today\’s highly mobile consumer,” he said.

The study was conducted from July 1st to July 5th and the research surveyed respondents (those who own a mobile phone, of course) about their experience with adverts that provided a mobile response option and “how they had acted as a result.”