Men’s Wearhouse Offers Clever Engagement To Those Opting-Out Of Email Newsletter

In a very simple but effective approach, Men’s Wearhouse has devised a strategy to keep in touch with subscribers that opt-out of its email newsletter through social media engagement, proving once again that thinking outside the box can have long-lasting effects.

When user’s visit their account preference page to unsubscribe from the Men’s Wearhouse newsletter, the company has included buttons and links to Facebook and Twitter with the simple caption “instead join us on Facebook or Twitter” right below the “unsubscribe” button.

Men's Wearhouse Offers Clever Engagement To Those Opting-Out Of Email Newsletter

Even though it just took a few minutes to implement, the strategy will likely have a profound effect on retention of users deciding to opt-out.  The company figures that even if users don’t want to receive its email newsletter, they can still reach out to them via social networking as opposed of losing them forever.

Savvy email marketers need to take note of this strategy to bolster retention.  Even though building your database is obviously your number one goal, reaching out to those who unsubscribe for one reason or another should be of equal priority.  Some people simply don’t like to receive email newsletters given its “push” nature, but this doesn’t  necessarily  mean they don’t want to hear from your brand.  Instead, placing simple calls to action to your social media accounts in the right locations provides users the ability to “pull” your message when ever they choose.


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